We help people in the creative world to ensure that they get proper recognition for their ideas both financially and in terms of credit. Our Clients also include companies who have a software dimension to their business, as well as technology companies.

Intellectual property is not just about Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Registered Designs and High Court actions for passing off.

Protecting your ideas starts with very basic concepts. Good habits and the proper documentation will help ensure that your ideas and work product are adequately protected.

We specialise in the preparation of documentation to protect your ideas, such as Non Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements, Intellectual Property Licences and Assignments, employment and sub-contractor agreements with emphasis on Intellectual Property.

We conduct intellectual property due diligence assessments and assist companies with their intellectual property protection programmes.

We advise our Clients in relation to anti-counterfeiting, trademark infringement and passing off disputes.

We also advise on terms and conditions necessary for online business and complying with EU consumer directives with respect to online sales.