We have extensive experience in the preparation of employment contracts, directors contracts, sub contractor contracts and agreements for part time employees, with a particular focus on Intellectual Property issues, confidentiality, non compete provisions and post termination restrictions.

We work closely with our employer clients and advise on strategic and operational HR issues. If there is a breakdown in the relationship, disputes between employers and employees are very disruptive in the workplace and affect productivity. In the event of any disputes, we would be actively involved with our employer Clients to ensure that the matter is dealt with sensitively and the most cost-effective manner.

Stress and bullying at work is a huge issue in Ireland. We understand the challenge for our Clients in addressing their concerns to employers. For our employee Clients, we actively engage with the employers to protect our Clients and ensure that either the practice is brought to an end by the employer and/or the matter is dealt with to the employee’s satisfaction as speedily as possible.

We also represent Clients in all the Labour Court and the Employment Appeals and Equality Tribunals. We specialise in injunctive proceedings in the High Court acting for either employees to restrain the termination of their employment, or for employers in receipt of such proceedings.