We advise statutory and non-statutory bodies, as well as stakeholders and individuals who have to engage with statutory and non-statutory bodies. For all Clients we advise on the critical issues facing them. These issues range from the interpretation of their governing primary legislation to the scope of their functions and the extent and proper exercise of their powers, in the context of initiatives, developments and potential legal challenges. We also advise on procedures consistent with good governance practice and the proper exercise of their powers.

For statutory bodies one of the key areas of legal advice we provide is minimising legal risks attaching to the exercise of powers, including challenges by way of judicial review and statutory appeals. We also advise those managing inquires on the nature of the rights at stake in these processes, the steps to be taken to ensure that fair procedures are applied, assessing information and expressing findings, and on issues surrounding publication of reports.

We advise individuals on claims grounded on fundamental rights guaranteed by or derived from the Constitution and European Convention on Human Rights In some instances these claims seek to challenge policies and principles, and address issues which may have implications beyond the individual case.

We also advise individuals on Freedom of information, Data Protection, Disability and equality rights.